Virginia weather!

Virginia weather!

Sup, Elders

Sup, Elders

December blast of snow!

December blast of snow!

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

yeah for PDAY!

yeah for PDAY!

its a tie fashion show

its a tie fashion show

Swamp monsters?

Swamp monsters?

The companions!

The companions!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

july 25,2010

hahaha thank you so much for figuring that all out...I was super worried about my social security card cause I thought it was in my wallet :X But THANKFULLY I had bought a safe box a while back and stuck it in there. So that was safe. I already cut up the cards so no worries there. I do have the checking account number in that box as well. But thank you for doing all that. Her name is Sister Henrie! She is the best. She helped out so much and did it real quick to help me out. I think I'm gonna hand that guy a El Libro De Mormon since he is spanish! haha.

Whoa! The pictures are great! I thought you were gonna expand the yard though! Not just get rid of the tree! I see you expanded it on the right side but I thought it was also gonna get expanded on the left! But nonetheless it's awesome! It looks great.
We are gonna go over this week sometime to see the armantrouts and see sister pigg and her mom! You know the older lady who is related to the piggs? she's here too! She recognized me real quick haha. Everyone just calls her grandma. haha.

NO! Oregon weather is not like virginia weather. It is not even close. haha I'm telling you it is completely different. It's kinda like utah when it comes to storms. It will have a big ol storm roll in and then dump rain for 15 minutes then it can be sunny again. Only difference there is that if it rains and then shines then you now have the humidity to deal with :X

Yeah those elders were great. I need to write elder larson. he's the man. Tell him I said that. haha

My gosh mom in a little over a week I am gonna be out 12 months aka ONE YEAR. It's way weird to think that there is only a year left. It's actually kind of scary. I am way intimidated by coming home. I don't even know what I'm gonna do. I am terrified of falling back into the way I was. Scary stuff.

Yeah I heard about the problems with the iphones. I also heard the released a fix for em lately so hopefully those problems will get fixed!

Yeah I don't know what I'm gonna do cause they may have had to cancel my msf card too. I'll find out when I leave the library. So yes. I got five dollars from Bishop Dunmire but that's about all I have to my name right now. haha. Just send the shirts and stuff as soon as you can! It's hot!

I'm going to the zoo today! It's free for missionaries! SWEEET deal. I'll attach a picture or two to make your day :) The first one is me looking suave in my suit, and the second is me, elder beus and Elder Fraga (pronounced Frog-uh) and Elder Doxey showing off the ties we stole from Elder Server! haha. anyways. Love ya!

Love y'all!
Your son.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 18th 2010


Holy cow! It sounds like you had an eventfull week! haha

The p-day changed cause president monson wanted all the missionaries to have their p-days on mondays. so yeah? I guess it's just cause the prophet said haha. Oh I guess I misunderstood what you said about the fromes knowing him haha. He is the man. I just saw him at the mission office like 25 minutes ago. haha.

ok before I forget! I saw sister pigg! and I keep getting confused with who is related to who, but drews dads mom and grandma were in the bon air ward on sunday! I said hey and talked with em for a little bit. I think they are gonna be here for a while. Sister Piggs daughter is married to a man named Jack Armantrout who is in the bishopric of the ward! haha It was cool to see them again. Sister Piggs mom (drews great grandma I think) was sitting a couple rows behind us and I looked back and she was just beaming and I was like, holy cow! I know her! haha it was so cool.

haha Elder Beus is the man. I can tell he still has his greeny fire so I'm trying not to discourage that! haha. Brother williams IS the man. He is so cool he and his soon to be wife went with us to a lesson and they were so cool. haha I have actually GAINED weight since I came here. But I am working on eating better so I'm hoping it will go down soon. haha what do you mean I'm awesome!? hahaha. The house he sent was probably his! We live in an apartment complex. Definitely send him a picture of the family he would love that.

speaking of, we had an awesome thunderstorm last night. the thing about virginia is the weather is absolutely the most random thing ever. You can be on one side of town and it will be just DUMPING rain, and then you can go to the other side and it will be dry as a bone. Last night we were out and just start hearing this thunder and we were talking to this lady and lightening literally cracks RIGHT over head. It was intense. it got even worse later on into the night. we were in our apartment and it was just like the bottom drops out of the clouds and it just starts POURING rain. It was intense.

Alright I'll keep an eye out for the package when it shows up. Thank you so much for doing that! If you ever randomly (I'm not asking for it just if you happen to see some) see some ties that are made of 100% silk and you think they are nice, you should send them to me! Just letting you be aware! cause ties are the best! haha but seriously I'm not asking you to get it for me, just keep an eye out. I haven't got mail in a while! I got a wedding announcement from Elder LARSON! haha did you get that? That's pretty funny. I need to write him back for sure. He's the man!

Your car accident story sounds crazy! I bet that boy was grateful haha. I'm glad his name was hunter. He must've been a cool kid! haha. But seriously, I'm glad y'all are alright and not traumatized.

hahah the fire alarm in the library just went off and everyone just sat here and didn't move haha. That's how awesomely lazy everyone is here haha.

Your trip sounds awesome! I actually would've lvoed to go on that trip...missionary work makes you appreciate all those trips...haha.

hahaha That's so funny that rocky did that. HE IS THE BEST DOG EVER! haha. I miss him a ton!

haha well I gotta go! not alot else going on this week! I got to go on an exchange with one of my former companions the other day! that was cool. hope youre enjoying life! I'll tlak to y'all next monday!

love y'all

Elder C.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 12th

So I was gonna send you more pictures but I left the camera in the car >.< Today has been ridiculous! I Forgot to tell you that p-days got moved to mondays :P So. From now on I'll be emailing you on mondays! haha.

Elder Beus isn't too new, about 6 or 7 months out. He's great! Funny and a great teacher. He's super tall too! haha. but a great companion. He helps me alot.

The pictures are awesome! The last picture is bro williams and sister harvey they are gonna get sealed in the temple eventually. Sis harvey is still sealed to her ex so she needs to annull the sealing so she can get sealed to bro williams. But he is so cool. you might get some more pictures from him I'm not entirely sure! haha. The camera is super awesome. It takes great pictures, just forgot it in the car :(

I would love some more short sleeve shirts haha...I ran out and was wearing the long sleeves during the days when it was 104+ out haha. So yeah...if you happen to find any good short sleeve shirts. Maybe of a different material? i don't know.

haha I aint doin no 5k! I can't do anything like that. I'll work on it and we'll see. haha. I'll watch y'all. Dad got to walk the first time so I will too! haha.

yeah...not a fan of the van driving. It's just like inflated and takes up more space than a car. haha. But y'know. I'm gettin over it.
Yeah I sent franks letter a couple of days ago. He is the man! haha you shoulda read that letter. He was way funny.

I am gonna try and send letters to grandma more frequently. I want to, I just never have the time to do it.

Tell Kyle when you see him to write me back! haha. Nah I'm just mplaying. He's the man. Tell andrea I say hey too!

haha mt. vernon is out of our mission! it's in the washington d.c. south mission. So no deal on that one. But we are really close to downtown richmond. we might go see the museum of the confederecy sometime. we are like on the west side of richmond. the person who owns the marriot hotels lives in our ward! haha. crazy eh?

but yeah so story about last night....gall.

so we were out working and decided to find around this potential investigator and so we knock around and then we walk down this drive way and talk to this guy for a second and all of a sudden these three early 20's people and an adult come out and start losing being super awkwardly nice to us and I just know somethings up. so all of a sudden the 20 something year old girl is like, lets talk! I'm just like....alright? so we walk over and sit on the porch and they asked us a couple things about what being a missionary was like and then all of a sudden the adult comes back and starts being super aggressive and asking me if I was gonna go to heaven when I die and just over all losing his mind on me. I didn't argue back I just was like, why are you being so aggressive? we aren't arguing, we are just talking here. so he gets all up in arms and continues to try to bash with us and we aren't fighting back so he continues to go off. then he finally walks away and dissapears and the kids just start asking questions again. I stuck around solely for the kids since they were being totally level headed and fine. so we start talking again and like 20 minutes later this crazy guy comes back with some papers he printed off the internet about some dumb anti and trys to get me to take it. and I'm just like, I really don't want that. And he's like "BE A MAN AND TAKE IT." and with those 6 words He completely destroyed any molecule of credibility he may have supposed to had. So I just took it and crumpled it up. He was just being a horrible bigot and attacking our faith when we wouldn't do the same back. It was ridiculousa nd I just wanted to sock someone afterwards. Which definitely made me know it wasn't of God.

So yeah. my crazy story of the week.

I'll talk to ya on next monday! I hope I answered everyhtingy ou needed! haha. If there's nayhitng else you need let me know.

Love y'all


July 07, 2010

hahaha it's going good in richmond! But wait! before I tell you all about it I have a cool story to tell!

So we got our new mission president this last wednesday and he is so cool. His name is President James Perry. I had my first interview with him on monday and we talked about what he did before the mission. He was an area 70 in the northwest since he is from washington. He said he's been down to albany a ton of times doing stuff for the stake presidency there. the coolest thing was that you remember the story you told me about grandpa taking all those church officials on a tour of the spruce goose museum? Well President Perry was one of those guys! haha he met grandpa! it was pretty awesome finding that out!

But yeah richmond is the best. The work is going pretty good, elder bues is a cool guy just still kinda learning what's not good and what is. I think he gets a little nervous in teaching because he stutters a little. But he's still an awesome and powerful teacher. He is a great companion.

haha you should email me back that picture of me with the corn haha. cause that was on the third of july since we had church the next day. that was some DANG good corn on the cob! ha.

haha I don't even remember what the birthday wake up calls were...? I think I was going crazy that day because of all that was going on with the transfers. Maybe if I remember I'll ask ya. haha. By the way, I attached some pictures on the end of this email so yeah! that's with the new camera!

Yeah it is ridiculously hot here. I attached a picture of the temperature gage in our car yesterday. It was actually 104 but it went down to 103 before I could take the picture! haha. the best part is I ran out of clean short sleeve shirts so I was wearing a long sleeve shirt! haha so much FUN with a capital F. It's not been SO bad though.

YEAH! That's awesome y'all did the 5k. I think I might be able to do that...I know we bike WAY more than that each day so idk? haha. I'm glad dad did the 5k. It will keep him healthy! You should tell dad to write me! I haven't heard from him in a while. haha.

Your 4th sounds good. The 4th was just another day for us haha. I got to wear my 4th of july tie that I only get to wear once a year so that was sweet. we cover two wards so we were basically at church all day and then we ate dinner with a member of the stake presidency and his family. so yeah. not super exciting.

Oh. so I have decided I hate driving dodge caravans. Malibus or corollas are where it's at. I look like a fool driving that van! For some reason I turn into my 15 year old self driving that thing around.

Idaho falls is the best! You should go to rexburg and visit MAH HOMIES. actually non of them are there I think? I don't know. haha. you should go to yellowstone or somesing. are you already doing that?

haha jordan is gonna bug you to drive until he gets his own car to drive! hopefully he'll be good enough at driving so that when he gets on his own it won't be a big deal.

WHAT! THe whilhites are moving? so are the roses buying the house or just renting it? Tell brother rose I said hi and I forgot to write him back in that big group of letters but I really appreciate what he wrote! He helped a ton!

haha well sweet deal with the mikes address. I might try and shoot him an email and see if he gets it.

yeah scripture study is awesome. if I don't have a particular topic to study I just read a chapter at a time. I love picking apart the scriptures. The more and more you study it, the more and more you realize that there was just no way a 20 year old man with a 3rd grade education wrote the book of Mormon. There are way to many tiny intricacies in it for one man to have written it. It's those little parts that I love to find cause it gives me more of an understanding.

Well not much else to report. Got a letter from Frank today, gonna write him back. he's the man.

You guys have any questions bout the new area? ask me for next week!

Love you all!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

mom! oh man. first off! MAKE SURE YOU LET EVERYONE KNOW THIS. I got emergency transferred down to richmond, because another elder got real sick and had to go home. my new address is just the mission office address because we live with the assistants to the president right next to the mission office! haha. craziness. we cover two wards here, bon air ward and midlothian ward. My new companions name is Elder Bues. He's taller than michael jordan pretty much so that's intense. But he's way cool.

the address for me is now:

9327 Midlothian Tpke STE 1-B
Richmond, VA 23235

So crazy. found out on monday left this morning.

So thank you so much about the birthday. I had a blast except for the fact that I found out I was leaving on my birthday. I got a letter from both grandparents and already emailed grandma sorenson. But yes. itwas good!

thanks for the birthday wake up calls for everyone haha. I loved the facebook wishes as well. Tell them all how awesome they are and I love em.

So the stuff was unwrapped only because it had shifted around alot in the box. not like someone got into it. so it was just cause the stuff got moved around alot.

I loved the party favors! haha. I had my banner up for a little while but because of the emergency transfer pulled it down. so I had it for a little while! I took a picture! haha. I love you guys so much thank you. It made me feel really at home I guess haha. haha I noticed the price tag on the shoes so that's pretty intense! haha I'm thankful for that.

my birthday was great. my companions really made it good and I had a ton of fun. y'all are teh best family evah! haha.

yeah the heat has been ridiculous. but today has been a little better. it's like 80 but it feels wonderful compared to the 105 degree stuff we've been having. but yeah so that's awesome.
I am gonna miss virginia beach, especially my companions but I know we can make this new area just as awesome. we are gonna work hard and get these wards a cookin!
yeah we taught the guy from dominica right before I left and we taught him about patience and he totally udnerstands and is just doin awesome.

haha I'm so glad you liked the tapes. I don't know when I'll fill up another one. i haven't added to it in like 2 weeks. so we'll see. I would LOVE to hear y'alls voices at grandmas so definitely think about that one!

you guys are so awesome for doing that 5k. I'm in better shape hthan I was, but not THAT good enough shape haha. I still hate running! you know what's bene kind weird? I think I've gotten more coordinated haha. before i could never have juggled three tennis balls but I can pretty much do it now! it's weird. ANYWAYS. I wanna hear about how everyone does in the 5k deal. especially dad! haha.

haha I loved the pictures of the camping! haha you have no idea how much I miss rocky. that dog is the best! haha he sounds like he's still going strong though. I'm with ya on the camping thing. a week can be way too long if there isn't enough to do. just swimming and hiking definitely isn't enough! haha.

that's so coo about you finishing alma! It's crazy the more and more you stop reading the scriptures and the more and more you start STUDYING them, you get so much more insight into it. I mean it takes me like a half an hour now to study just one chapter, sometimes even longer. it's so awesome. I love the scriptures. the book of mormon is amazing, so many good things in there! I'm way proud of you mom! that's awesome you are still chuggin along. the war chapters actually go way fast so they are pretty easy to read. 3rd nephi is the best!

I'm excited to hear about your experience in idaho! My new companion is from idaho. Like, near boise. i haven't had a utah companion for a while! haha.

last night was my last night in virginia beach. so we go to teach this young single adult named andrew. he's black and lives in these projects in norfolk. we went out to see him and he's always pretty interesting to teahc. ANYWAYS. we were teaching him about the plan of salvation and everythingi s going pretty good, until we start teaching him about the atonement. up to this point we had no indication that he was anything but christian because he was agreeing with everything we were saying. so suddenly he's like, "I don't believe in God." we were just like uhhhh....? so he goes off on why he suddenly doesn't believe in god and telling us it's all fake and stuff. so I was starting to get kinda mad because he just being dumb and I felt very strong about it all so I said a few things to him and he starts talking and it gets to the point where he can't take that topic any further and then he asks us (in the middle of someone elses sentence by the way) "Well, what about dinosaurs?" we are just like, you have got to be kidding. we try to tell him that that question is completely irrelevant, but he says it is and just wont let it go. he starts talking about like, how important it is to know whether dinosaurs were before or after adam and eve. at this point i'm just like...we need to leave, this is dumb. he keeps going then starts talking about how god doesn't exist again. he then said probably the least-intelligent thing I have ever heard fall from someones mouth. well, BABIES don't believe in God when they're born? I was just like -_-#. I was about ready to slap this guy for how stupid questions he's asking. Like I don't knwo if theese are being conveyed over this email but we were dying of laughter and he was totally serious. but we go on trying to get him over these dumb concerns. then next thing we know, in the middle of Elder Faircloughs sentence, he asks, "well, how tall is God?" and without missing a beat (but being totally joking) elder fairclough just says. Six foot three. And we all (except andrew) just bust out in laughter.

you would not believe the ignorance of people sometimes. Andrew knows there is a God. He has so thoroughly convinced himself through poor arguements that he wants there to be no God. It's fun. but no, it's really not. I felt really sad afterwards because of what he chose. we had to drop him because he's not gonna go any further forward. it's way sad.

one cool thing is there was acrazy thunderstorm in virginia beach last night. so awesome. totally gonna get a hurrican sometime soon! haha.

well i love y'all. Please be safe. I am so grateful for what y'all are doing for me. oh! I hope the garments haven't been ordered yet! order them and send them to the mission office!

Love ya family!

your son.