Virginia weather!

Virginia weather!

Sup, Elders

Sup, Elders

December blast of snow!

December blast of snow!

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

yeah for PDAY!

yeah for PDAY!

its a tie fashion show

its a tie fashion show

Swamp monsters?

Swamp monsters?

The companions!

The companions!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hahahaha AHHH MOM! First! Before I say anything!


OK. SO. Wednesday. after we get done with p-day. at this point we have lost use of our phone. because we are getting anew one, but we aren't getting it until thursday. So yes. we decide we are gonna bike that evening. so we bike probably...15 miles to get to a members house and use his phone, but he's not there. so we are like, garbage. so we HAVE to make these phone calls because we need to get a ride to mission conference which happened to be the next day. so we start biking towards the nearest pay phone which is probably 10 miles away. we FINALLY get there, and at this point, it's probably 830. we make our calls and it starts to be really dark and we start biking towards home. so we get within LITERALLY 1 mile from home. and we hit some night road construction. so we stop with the flagger and wait. probably 20 minutes later the pilot car comes through the have us follow him and we head out. as we are biking, a state trooper who had passed by earlier FLIPS around and pulls right up behind us (keep in mind we are on BIKES) and so we think, oh maybe he's just giving us light so we can be safe. so we start biking. and not even 3 minutes later, we start passing this fire station, and the state trooper comes on over his loud speaker "hey you on the bikes. pull off to the left in the fire station." I'm just like...oh my gosh not again. so we pull off and he gets out and the first thing he says is everyone put your bikes on the curb. and I'm just like....ugh. he asks us for our id and then tells us we are in violation because we don't have the righ amount of LIGHTS on our bikes. I'm just like...ARE YOU SERIOUS? DO YOU NOT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO? so he takes our idds and walks back to the car and makes us sit on the curb. 25 stinkin minutes later he comes out and gives us all fix it tickets (not fines, but orders to buy the lights and show them to the judge) and then makes us bike home with him following us with his lights on...oh my gosh. then we get back to our house, but we STILL haven't called the zone eladers and let them know we are in wehave to drive ALL the way back to the dairy queen (8 mile round trip) and use the pay phone, and then come home. AND that was just wednesday.
Thursday, we go to mission conference down in virginia beach and that wasn't too bad. It was like our goodbye for our mission president. We also got a brand spankin new phone which is basically a little black berry. haha it's awesome!
Then friday, we had a somewhat normal day, besides a ridiculously long member lesson.
The saturday. ohhh saturday. Alright. so, I had been having lots of problems with another ingrown toenail. SO I called up our medical advisor and she said to go to this medical place and get it taken care of. So I go to this place in williamsburg called "medexpress" (urgent care place) and they take me back. and so the doctor does the normal procedure, except he doesn't put any topical anastesia on my foot, so it like, hurts hardcore when he sticks me with the needle. Then when he comes in he pokes my foot and asks me if I can feel it. I can't feel the top but down near the nail bed I can feel a little poke. But he's like...well...we'll just start and if it gets to much to handle I'll give you more. I was like...UHM?! haha. But anyways. I thought oh yeah, so I can totally watch him do it this time, I've had it done enough, I'm a tough guy. haha. So I sit up to watch him. And I mean, he starts cutting under my nail with scissors and ya know, that's all fine na dandy. I watch him go all the way down to my nail bed and then all of a sudden a bunch of blood starts coming out. and I remember my vision started getting really...fuzzy and dim. and the last thing I remember saying to the doctor was this: "you know, I think I might be squeemish.." The next thing I remember was waking up and their was a nurse and the doctor looking over me. I was having a hard time talking or opening my eyes and my arms were all tingly. I was also really really sweaty. I had passed out >.< hahaha. But that isn't even the end of it. I got all the paper work done and he prescribed me some anti biotics and vicadin haha. so I was feeling way out of it and obviously couldn't drive. so I went and got my prescriptions filled at a walgreens accross the way and we got on our way. I was not even in the car like, 5 mintues when I had to throw up haha. My comp pulled over and I just lost it all over the road. Then we had to go to walmart to get those dang LIGHTS and I threw up again there. That's when I took some vicadin. haha. and then I went home (and threw up again) and was passed out for basically the rest of the day. That DUMB doctor MANGLED my toe. I guess when he was pulling the nail out, it was breaking off into chunks so he had to dig in my toe. I'm still wearing a stupid post-op boot because of it. I am out of vicadin and the pains not too bad but soon I"ll be back in a normal shoe.

which leads me to my NEXT announcement. I'm Getting transferred! SUCK. They are closing new kent and it makes me sad...but I don't think it's cause of what we did cause if that was the case they would've just put new elders there. But I'm going to be with the zone leaders in virginia beach! New address! And don't worry if you've sent anything, () I'll make it so it all gets forwarded to me. But here it is:

Elder H. Christensen
6478 Chartwell Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

BUt oh my gosh. haha. I liked your picture. haha you both looked way bored.

that's awesome the uncle kurt got his masters degree. Tell him congratulations! haha aunt lorna can write whenever she wants, I'll write back right away! haha.

alright, the questions!

1. Since we are getting transferred, nobodies really getting taught. But I'll let you know when I'm in Virginia Beach!

2. Yeah my other comp went home yesterday. His flight got canceled though so he's stuck till later. hahaha.

3. I don't know about the new companions yet. They are zone leaders but I heard they are awesome. So I'll let you know!

4. weirdo's eh...Let's see. we get lots of weirdo's who yell at us for slociting when we aren't soliciting. It happens all the stinkin time it's ridiculous. uhm I don't know what else to tell ya! haha.

5. the only weird thing I've had since I've been on the mission is green jellow with cabbage, carrots and celery in it. and the member told us to put mayo on it. hahaha.

6. missionaries always spend SOME time going door to door! It's the least effective way to find people, but sometimes it's the only way to do it.

I will definitely write dad a letter today. no worries. I love him enough to send him something! you should see our's vacant...we got rid of EVERYTHING. it's kinda sad :( but anyways

I gotta go! Love y'all so much and be safe! I know you said something about a birthday package and sending garments so make sure you send em to the new address! Thank you and I love you lots!

Elder Christensen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

may 19th catch up on the blog time!

So I have been slow with Hunters blog in last few weeks because frankly Hunter hasn't had anything in his email's worth putting on here! His last few emails have been either asking for things or sorry for spending money and telling us about his ailments! so I have tried to compile some of the interesting stuff from his last few emails here.

you woulda laughed at my talk haha...I would've just babbled for 15 minutes cause I forgot I was giving it until the night before and I think the night before is when I was dying from allergies.

Oh that reminds me! You'll here a better explanation about it on the tape when I send it home (the first side is almost full! haha) But the other night I woke up at like 450 in the morning with a absolutely horrible pain in my chest, like right below my sternum. At first I thought I should just shift on the bed because maybe I had slept on nit wrong or something. But it still didn't go away and I was in serious pain. So figuring it was probably heartburn or something I got up and and tried to find the tums in the dark. I found em and took three and sat down on the couch hopefully the pain would go away. It still didn't get any better. and It was excrutiating. One of the worst pains I've felt. It was also making it hard to breathe and it made me feel like I was gonna throw up. So I went in the bathroom and sat on the ground and just was feeling like I was gonna die. I think it was funny haha because even though I was in so much pain I just kept thinking "Heavenly Father...please help me...I don't wanna go to the hospital..." haha. But it still wasn't getting any better. And so I went into the bedroom and turned on the light and said "ELDERS, WAKE UP" and they were like, what in the world is going on? and I just told them I had this really bad pain in my chest and I didn't know what it was and I needed a blessing NOW! haha. And so my companions gave me a blessing and honestly I don't even remember what was said, but what I do remember is that as soon as my companion laid his hands on my head the pain started to leave and by the end of the blessing it was completely gone. Now you may say that it was the tums or wahtever but I know it was Heavenly Father's hand in it. If it hadn't gotten better in the next few minutes I would've had the elders drive me the 45 minutes to the hospital. But it was a really cool experience and I talked with the medical advisor about it later and she said it was probably just really bad heartburn/gas and I agreed. I mean it was terrible but I didn't think I was having a heart attack or anything. It was funny because she thought that I thought I was having one haha. But yeah the medicine I had to buy was to help with that problem. Because I've been having some problems with heartburn and whatnot over the past few months, so hopefully this should help.


no our branch doesn't feed us every night! we'll get about three or so dinner appointments every week. They are trying to make it better but it's hard in a little branch and I guess the fact that we always say we are fine when people ask us for food kinda puts people off. But we don't MEAN to do that, we just don't want to be a burden on people so I'm not gonna ASK for food! It's like inviting yourselves over to their house! haha. But yeah I try to eat better we have been doing pretty good. This last week we bought carrots and potatoes and apples and a few other things to try and eat healthier! I love making baked potatoes in the microwave! so good! haha.

haha you'll do awesome when you talk! Just don't write it all out and you'll be fine! Make sure you just have certain points and scriptures you wanna talk about and it will be a great talk!

The frontrunner is that one we always see going back and forth when we are down there right? That thing would be way fun to ride on! I'm glad utah was fun! Tell them all I miss them and they are awesome! haha. Yeah I'd lvoe to see the pictures you have! I'd send some but you've seen em.
Well I gotta go myself, gots lot of stuff to do but we had a crazy thunderstorm a couple days ago, and you'll hear it on the tape but I saw a ton of fireflys for the first time and I just sat on the porch and watched the lightning! it was so cool.
haha I'm sure you did fine in your talk! Talks are not that bad because they all know and trust you! haha. I did get my allergy meds! Took a little while but I got it figured out. I'm tellin ya the only reason I go to rite aid is to get certain things like: deodorant, body wash/shampoo, medicine, or batteries. and ONCE IN A WHILE pictures. I can't help the battery thing because several of my things need batteries to work. And Virginia is having a hurricane preparedness week thing so things like batteries, tarps, lanterns adn all that stuff is tax free so I might pick up some more to save money. (not tarps or lanterns obviously just batteries haha)

I'll go ahead and buy some prilosec when I'm at the store today. I'll take it. I think it will help. I'm hoping it will help my stomach cause I still have those stomach issues like when I drink milk and stuff. It's frustrating! But I'm more than happy to take it! haha. with the eating before bed thing, we have to eat dinner at 8 o'clock in this area because if we don't have an appointment at 8 it's too dark to knock on peoples doors and people get upset. we actually had someone call the sheriff on us for knockin on their door at 8:30. ha! The pain in the chest hasn't come back so I think I'm alright. But you know how it goes.

You'll hear my response to that on the tape :P

Yeah I'm gonna keep working on it. We've been biking like no other lately so that's helped. but my companions chain broke yesterday so that's done until he gets another chain.
We actually had a funny experience with the branch wanting to feed us deal. We got a call from a member yesterday in the evening telling us to meet him at food lion. And he went and bought us like, almost 90 dollars worth of groceries! I was like :O! But we can't like, say NO to that! ugh.

I'm glad you weather has been intense...ours has been kinda HOT. The humidity is so bad sometimes. It makes you sweet when you don't even feel hot. I inherited a camel back from another elder so I use that in my backpack so I get water and what not but it's so bad sometimes. I mean yesterday I was sweating like a pig even when it wasn't that hot! gosh!

Yeah that's fine about the letter! I hope everyone is doing ok. Tell sis dunmire beer that I got the package and I'm so grateful for it! I loved it all! Early signs are showing me that the dvd doesn't work completely (like the menu comes up and stuff but no videos will play) but hopefully it's just the dvd player. They sent me a dvd with all the mormon messages on it from youtube! The may not realize it but that stuff is like, missionary GOLD. My comps were so jealous when I pulled that out HAHAHAHA. But it was in work-o. :P But tell them thank you so much!
But I love you all so much! Please stay safe and tell dad (if he doesn't read this first) that I love him too and I'm so sorry I'm a super lame son and didn't have anything to send him for his birthday. I hope it was good though.

The allergies are doin justttt fine. And yes. It's EXTREMELY warm here. like, the past few days has been up in the 90's. It's terrible. And the humidity makes it not fun. haha. I noticed y'all were having lots of rain. It's pretty boring I bet haha. we had a pretty sweet thunderstorm last night. I wish I could video tape it for you cause it's amazing. haha.

oh man the yard looks crazy. It looks alot bigger! That's insane...did the machine just like rip off the top layer or what? haha. It sounds like the yard is really coming along! I'm excited to see it when it's done! I do get the pictures I justalways see them after I read everything else so I sometimes don't comment on them haha.

Thank y'all for being so patient and helping with me...I'm trying to do my best with what I got but I just can't spend my msf on certain things.

holy cow random story here but I swear some people should not be allowed to use computers because this guy sitting next to me is smashing the mouse with his finger cause he's getting so upset with the computer. There should be a sign that says "if you have temper and/or high blood pressure problems, don't even bother using this." over each computer haha. He's sighing that frustrated sigh ever 5 seconds AHFLKJSDHFLKSDJF


I love y'all so much and miss you tons. Please keep us in your prayers and please please please stay safe! My birthday is in like 3 weeks! Crazy! haha

haha you all are lucky! It's been like 95 with 100% humidity here a couple days ago! It sucks! haha oh well.

I'm gonna say the lawn is gonna turn into the pond kinda deal haha it'll take 3 years before it's finally finished! haha. keep putting it off cause of the rain and you'll never get it done! haha.

yeah I heard about that missionary like, back at the beginning of my mission. His name is Elder young. Way sad story, he was just in the right place at the wrong time. But you know he is recieving those blessings in heaven. But don't worry about it. I've already had guns pulled on me (only once! haha I just don't tell you about it ;D) and no one is foolish enough to shoot. Don't worry yourself about it!
I'll attached another epic picture! We got a bunch of ties this week and I got a bunch of skinny ties! The one in the picture is about as skinny as I can wear. haha. the other one is to skinny to be legit. haha. I love em!

I'll keep an eye out for the bishop! I don't even know if we cover burke. I'll have to check!

Your trip sounds awesome! I love portland. I would've loved to have gone with y'all. That's one thing a mission has done...makes me want to just spend all the time with y'all! haha it's like the whole reason I wanna defer college till january is so I can be home with everyone for a bit. haha. I loved the pictures! That voodoo donuts place looked interesting...weird people in portland fo sho. haha.

Ya korihor died because even though he said, oh well satan tricked me, he wasn't sincere, and like Alma said, if his voice was given back he would've just started deceiving again. so yeah. you'll notice that alma didn't condemn him to die, the Lord cursed him.
Alright well I gotta go! I love y'all so much because how awesome you are! Stay safe and we'll talk next week!