Virginia weather!

Virginia weather!

Sup, Elders

Sup, Elders

December blast of snow!

December blast of snow!

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

yeah for PDAY!

yeah for PDAY!

its a tie fashion show

its a tie fashion show

Swamp monsters?

Swamp monsters?

The companions!

The companions!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

december 13

alright! sooo. I just would like to announce to you at this moment that it is SNOWING in Wakefield, Virginia currently! I'd send you a picture but I left my camera in the car! woo! But yeah it's been snowing since early this morning. So crazy. It doesn't snow like this here. So I'm pumped. It's not sticking to the roads which is even better! I can enjoy the snow and still be able to go out :D

Holy cow it's less than two weeks! It's like...12 days! Holy moly! I'm pumped too! I'm pretty much open to any time for christmas calls. We don't have any like, set plans except to go to a members house SOMETIME during the day. So we can totally call you early. Maybe even while you're opening presents :O. or after if Jordan and Ryan can't wait :P If I called right at 10 am or 1030 It would be 7 or 730 there. So yeah I don't know if you wanna get up that early?

haha heat wave...we had a heat wave yesterday. It was in the 50's! haha It's gonna cool down now though. Who knows if we'll get snow again :P. Yeah it was raining a ton here as well yesterday. But it got cold enough to snow I guess :P. I don't know how much longer it'll last, but we'll see!

so these last couple of p-days me and elder parker have been watching these living scriptures videos and oh my gosh...they are hilariously awful. haha. It just makes the p-day fun!

wow! christmas package already? thank you! I really don't know what to hurray! haha. aww sad. I wanted those fuzy slippers...if I find em can I buy them? haha.

ok! So story! you remember those old converse I took with me? So I still had them...until a few days ago. they finally died :( They completely fell apart. Not the new joe boxer ones you sent me or anything. Just the old ones. So I was at this members house when they died and they saw them and we went over to their house for dinner the other day and they have this super cute 3 little kids (two girls and a boy) and they got them to bring us these two bags with presents in em. They bought me a brand new pair of converse! I was feeling really bad because they bought em for me....but then I didn't want to offend them by saying I wouldn't take it! so I was super grateful.

yeah! You did tell me about the clcasses. how are they going? or have they started? that's a cool thing though.

holy cow?! the house is gonna be totally different when I come back. new tv and everything? ryan was saying something about a new kids tv? what happened to the flat screen in the kids tv room? you should save that for me so I can take that with me to college! :D. haha. holy cow though...sounds like you already spent all the christmas money! :P

Jordan's probably fine...haha. I totally thought I broke my toe last I SLAMMED it into a chair and it was popping and cracking and everything...but it was just jammed apparently cause the pain went away like, a couple hours later. Felt like a total baby calling the medical advisor. ha. oh well.

haha they are changing our time in wakefield too...actually just flipping the block schedule. it used to be priesthood/relief society first, then sunday school, then sacrament meeting. so yeah.

It's snowing harder again!!! HAppppppy!

I'd rather talk to you all without the extended fam too...not that I don't love em but I'd rather spend more time talking to less people! haha.

december 28
know you already got the call, but YES. I did get the package! Thank you so much. holy cow, you sent me both a watch and gps. I didn't expect to really get either haha. But I love both thank you so much. They are both really good.

and yes. we did get the snow. actually, ALOT more than they were predicting. we got like, 12-15 inches. and it shut us down for a while. infact there is still snow on the roads, actually more like ice. so that's whats going on there.
I've been a little frustrated with things lately...things have really turned down here, just because of the holidays I'm hoping. I mean life is still good but the work has slowed down. I'm not sure what's gonna happen next transfer...I might be outta here, or elder parker might, or we might just stay (haha thought I'd cover all my bases there...) It's just a coin toss really. But I'm just frustrated when nothing is happening in an area. I feel like even though I'm trying to do my best somehow I'm not. I'm sorry it's confusing but we're working to get this all running again.

so I'm not sure what else to say. I hope new years is great for ya. I love you all so much. btw, tell dad even though I'm pretty sure the ties came from his closet, I like em. I'm actually wearing one right now. haha. the oregon gear was sweet. thank you! All the gifts were great.

I'm sorry I've spent so much money lately. Things keep popping up and I'm sorry. I put it back in my lock box and don't want to use it again. I'm working on budgeting it better...I'm sorry. So I had some questions that I don't want you to think I'm getting trunky or anything but I just wanna get this all ironed out first. can you find out if it's even possible for me to defer another semester of school at byui? and if it's possible for me to apply at byu again? and if so, I need to work on finding a job...I guess I can look when I get home, but as it gets closer I would greately appreciate it if you could put the word out that I'm looking for work, but wait until it's very close. I don't want people to think I'm getting distracted or anything. yeah sorry for that paragraph, but I wanna make sure it's all figured out before I come home.
January 3

anyways. I love you all a ton. I hope your week is good. talk to you next monday!

Why is your email all...colorful?

I got all those christmas messages last time! yoU didn't need to send em again!

haha glad to get everyone out of the house eh?

oh and btw, I noticed that you did answer my questions about college...I just asked em because I need to know whether I need to be worrying about signing up and registering or not. so please let me know!

also I had a question for dad to figure out. and I know it doesn't matter rihgt now but I just was curious. Could you ask him to find out how much an iphone 4 would cost if you bought it on a plan? I know they cost more without a plan but with a plan is what I'm wondering.

Young womens councilor eh? You need to ship those youth into shape! haha.

my new years was even more uneventful. I was with Elder White on an exchange (one of the elders who came out with me) and so we had a good time. we had to come in early because of the new years but we played monopoly which was fun. I'm pretty sure it was Elder White's objective to trunk me out of my mind because that's what happened. haha. but I'm was just the new years and realizing that I'd be home this year freaked me out.

making jewelery? what the? haha. the rest sounded cool though. haha.

haha so my ocmpanion is feeling better but now I'm sick! It's real junky. haha. but I've gotten a little better so that's nice.

so I'm about to get kicked off so I'll do a quick summary.

I did get the money from frank and I'll be writing him today. also will write the girls if I can.

I felt real bad after what i said about dads ties. I like em and I wear em. I just noticed they were from dads closet!

yeah I don't know about the skype thing. i think they are doing it in certain missions and not all of em. Hopefully mothers day!

by the way loved the pictures!

anyways mom love you. there isn't much going on this week!

More catching up!

November 27th
haha ok story about the sickness stuff...This week has been RIDICULOUS. OK, so Monday, we went to Chester and had a zone p-day which was fun. just played volleyball and basketball with the zone. Then afterwards we stayed with the Petersburg Elders as well as the Lawrenceville Elders who were up there too. So Monday night we were stuck there and then we had a district meeting the next day which turned out pretty good. But then we didn't leave petersburg until about 2 and it's about an hour drive home. We also had the Lawrenceville elders with us for an exchange so that was fun. so we came home and went on an exchange. Then wednesday Elder parker has had some problems with ingrown toenails (sound familiar) and was having a hard time walking so we didn't ahve alot of time to do much because he couldn't walk. Then thursday was obviously thanksgiving, then friday was our only full day of work but half of that was weekly planning. Then Saturday morning-ish Elder parker started getting REALLY sick (with the flu) and so we came back to the apartment and were there for the rest of the day. Then sunday he was sicker than before and we stayed home from church because it was so bad. And what's funny, is through all of this, I haven't gotten a single symptom of his flu. haha. so let's see how long that lasts!

Yeah I know I need to eat less. I'm working on it...haha. It's hard sometimes though y'know? just get real hungry and don't have alot of time so the stuff I eat is not generally good for me! And just fyi, I probably won't be eating at subway for a while...I still associate my stomach illness with it never ever looks appetizing :X

Yeah I'll go to the doctor if I ever have that again. I just finished my prilosec today. so yeah.

haha you know what's funny, as soon as I told you I hadn't had anyone write me I got two letters! One from Joseph and one from Micah! haha. But do tell people to write! haha.

Yep, it's looking like it's gonna be a Wakefield Christmas! The weird thing is they closed one of the areas in my district (Lawrenceville) and so it's just us and Petersburg...and they shotgunned that area so I don't really know that area at all. haha.

You got snow?! what the. It's been in the 20's here but during the day it starts to get up above the 50's soemtimes. so I don't know what the snow is gonna be like this year. They aren't expecting much.

I'm pretty sure you would laugh at how redneck virginia is. haha. Especially around hunting season. Hunting season is like, a HUGE deal out here. It starts in stages; first it's bow season (meaning hunting with a bow and arrows) then a month or two later it's black powder season, then another month later it's shotgun & dog season (meaning they can hunt with dogs which is just lazy hunting by the way.) it's pretty hilarious. You see guys driving around with trucks and dog kennels on the back. It's absolutely crazy. haha.

Thanksgiving was good but kinda boring. In the morning we went to help put together some thanksgiving dinners for the poor, and then we came back to our house and studied, then went over to some members and ate lunch and whatnot. then we came home, and basically slept the rest of the day! haha boring but so nice!

haha oh gosh I still have so much time left. I can't believe they are already expecting me to come home. I was actually thinking about some of that the other day though, I don't remember why. I actually wanted to do what you were talking about. I'll have to figure out if I can defer again. I want to work and earn some of the money I need to pay for myself. I really want to be independent (money wise) pretty soon after my mission. Like, at the latest a year from when I come home. so we'll see what happens here. Any suggestions?

yeah...your telling me. The one grocery store in wakefield is already playing christmas music. craziness.

ok well. I know I'm gonna get kicked off here soon! this is what I'm talking about! I only barely had time to write JUST you! stupid wakefield library. anyways. I love you all a ton! I'll talk to you next week!

December 6

The big 2011 catch up!

Novemeber 11
I'm doing good though, we are planning on having a baptism next week! It's a guy named charles and he is the man.

But yes. I'm sorry this got all scambled cause I got kicked off and now my mind just doesn't know what I was talking about.

I love you all though and next week will hopefully be better! haha.

Talk to you later!
November 15
so before I get into anything else, I need to tell you something! I got super sick this last thursday night. Like...sicker than I've been in a long was a combination of two things; my acid reflux and a stomach virus. I was stupid and ate some of those 3rd degree habenero doritos chips which just ate me up inside. and then I had subway which just made it worse. So mom you remember the bad chest pain I had in the night time a couple of months ago? Yeah try that times a 100. and 10 times as long. I came home and just laid down because of how garbage I was feeling. Note I had already taken like 5 rolaids and 2-3 tums which did nothing. So I was trying to get the pain to go away and it was so bad it was keeping me from sleeping. SO I was up all night long. and I was also throwing up at the same time by the way. The first few were normal but when I ran out of food to throw up it was just bile and water. all. night. long. pain so bad in my chest that I couldn't sleep so I wandered all night long throwing up, dozing off for like 5 minutes, the pain waking me back up again and then taking a bath or shower or something because it made me feel better. Finally, at 5:40 I woke up my companion and said i need to get some pepto or something. So I went to the 7/11 with him and got the medicine which did nothing. So later on around 8 I got some milk of magnesia or whatever it's called and some prilosec because the med secretary told me to start that again. So finally, around 1 or 2 that afternoon I got to sleep and the pain went away. I was still incredibly weak and tired from the whole deal, but I at least didn't have pain anymore. So I just slept for a couple more hours.

gosh dangit. mom I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to finish my email later. This retarded library is kicking me off again before I can finish. Hopefully I can do so later...sorry.

November 22

Well you'll be happy to know I'm in a different library today and I'm writing to you first! haha. I usually write to you first anyways, that lady just kicked me off after only a little bit when I got on. so yeah.

Ok you freaked me out as well! I get this call from the mission office and we missed it, but they left a message, and it was marked "URGENT" so I'm like oh gosh. so I call and I thought something bad is happening. but nope just mom freaking out! hahaha.

I will take your advice. I'm trying to do better, but it's not always possible on a mission you know? People feed us what they feed us! But I've been doin better. Eating less and not so bad stuff. so yeah. I'm sorry about that scare. Blame it on the librarian! haha.

I call the medical advisor every time I get these pains and she's just like it's ALL YOUR FAULT ARUGHDJSFHKLJHDFK. And the last time I went the doctor told me to basically suck it up. haha. so anyways. If it happens again I'll go. But I've been on the prilosec so I hope I'll be fine.

oh and just so you can get it out there...I HAVEN'T GOT MAIL IN LIKE OVER A MONTH :( Like the last thing I got was a halloween card from the Wiest's which I promptly wrote them back and thanked them for! haha I don't normally complain about mail but a MONTH is ridiculous! haha :P

It's weird to think that next year I'll be at grandmas house for thanksgiving. real weird. I'm about to hit 16 months mom! how is this going so stinking fast?! so just fyi, transfer calls are this week, so you'll find out if I'm going or staying next p-day.

snow?! haha we've not even gotten close to it snowing yet. because where we are at it just doesn't snow that offten. it's kinda like oregon...just to hard for it to get snow.

MOM! That's awesome that you finished the book! I love the feeling of finishing it, even though it's kind of a sad end. Even though it's sorta sad it's also very happy! haha it's hard to explain. Personally, I would say start with the new testamant. The old testamant is really long and alot of it is the same story told twice (1,2 samuel, & 1,2 kings and chronicles are the same story) and some stuff is just long and arduous to read. Like Leviticus is simply the law of Moses telling the children of israel what to do and what not to do. so I would say start in the new testament or reread the book of mormon! haha.

yeah dad was telling me about the big screen tv death. pretty crazy. It'll be weird to come home to that not being there!

haha I sent a letter to jordan, did he ever get it?

I think it's so weird to realize I'm gonna be talking to you again in about a month! Crazy stuff!

alright I'm gonna try to reply to dad's email! So I'll talk to you later mom! Love you!

November 27th