Virginia weather!

Virginia weather!

Sup, Elders

Sup, Elders

December blast of snow!

December blast of snow!

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

Hunter, sis. Henrie & Elder Beaus

yeah for PDAY!

yeah for PDAY!

its a tie fashion show

its a tie fashion show

Swamp monsters?

Swamp monsters?

The companions!

The companions!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So yeah.

First things first! LOTS of stuff has changed. Elder Server got emergency transferred out to the office so that he can recooperate in the office. Less stress and whatnot. Which leaves me here in an area I've been in less than 2 weeks. I ALSO am now the senior companion and the district leader over FOUR groups of Sisters X_x. So yeah. It's pretty intense and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do all this. My new companion is Elder Blair. He is interesting and I'm definitely going to improve my patience with him as far as I can tell. I just hope it doesn't make these things more stressful. But yeah the areas that are in my district are gloucster, jamestown, williamsburg and Kilmarnock, all sisters! Intense.

But yeah I like our little house. It's just cozy. I think I heard we technically could be living in a bigger house, but it's not that huge of a priority. Yeah.

haha yeah we actually met in those bedrooms this last sunday. It was interesting for sure. But it is an awesome experience.

yeah the medical officer for our mission (her name is Sis. Michner) lives in Jamestown which is like, 30 minutes away, and she offered to take us to jamestown whenever we wanted (on a p-day obviously) so yeah. It'll be sweet. I'm excited to find some of that historical stuff. It's they call it america's historical triangle or something like that. Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

well we aren't getting much snow at all anymore. It's mostly been rain and maybe some days with sunny skies! So that's awesome. And that's way cool you are getting some good weathern going on there!

haha that's pretty funny about dad's packages. I'll definitely keep an eye out. I am still waiting for my camera to come down from harrisonburg. But I should have it on friday. So that's where that stands. but ill keep an eye out for some packages! haha. Tell dad to stop impulse shopping! That's bad for you! haha

yeah elder server had IBS if you know what that is. Just makes it much worse when you have a stressful life. So yeah he's doing fine now, just recooping in the mission office. But now I'm essentially taking over an area I do not know and with a companion who doesn't either. SO it's kind of stressful, but I know the Lord will help us.

That sun and moon thing is a painting painted for me by a member in harrisonburg named Brother Hendricks. He was the man and I love how awesome he was. He gave me a lot of great advice as well!

haha that's cool you are in contact with Elder King! You should tell him to email or write me! ha. That would be awesome :)

yeah wylie emailed me! haha so that's awesome. I'll email him about after you! But he says he's out in the middl e of no where and has super cabin fever. haha. But he's doin good I guess.

That's awesome that jordan is startin track. Don't let him quit! He needs to realize that it's not an easy thing to do a sport but it's worth it!

That's awesome that joe leaves for arizona next week. I sent him a letter so I hope he writes back! haha. But he's gonna be an awesome missionary! I wrote him but nothing back so hopefully soon! Sis. DB hasn't written either! But I could write her another letter if she'd write back! haha.

definitely write wylie joe david and neil! They need all the support they can get.

But yeah we went to this thing on sunday that's like a missionary training thing. We got to go on exchanges with the training assitants in richmond and we evaluated things we could improve on. It was really good and I learned alot of things to make myself better! But yeah.

Thank you so much for your email and everything you do for me! I love y'all so much and miss you so much.

I'm sorry my email isn't very long today...just not alot going on! haha. Just ask any questions and next week I'll answer em! haha.

again, I love all you so much and miss you more than I can say! stay safe and I'll talk to you next wednesday!


Elder Christensen

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New place!


Finally got ahold of you! So I lied. My address is actually:
9311 Pocahontas Trl Apt 8H
Providence Forge, VA 23140

We live in a tiny little cottage haha. It's so funny you would laugh. It has a little living room, a tiny kitchen that you can't pass one another in, and a bedroom that is about as big as the living room and a tiny bathroom. The shower is so tiny that you can hardly turn around in it! haha. But it's awesome!

New Kent branch doesn't meet in a building either. They are in the process of getting a building built, but right now we meet in the forestry center (like a meeting hall and the classrooms are hotel bedrooms! hahaha)

But Elder Server is the district leader in this district, and the district consists of 4 groups of Sister missionaries and us. haha. So it's kind of a different experience :P. It's cool though, 'cause there is so much history nearby. In our district are the williamsburg sisters, the gloucster sisters, the jamestown sisters, and the kilmarnock sisters. So we have both colonial jamestown and williamsburg in our district! haha. If you can't find new kent county on the map, it's on the middle penninsula on the coast.

Yeah but the weather is fine here. We were expecting snow a few days ago, but it didn't happen and we aren't expecting any more any time soon. So yeah. But it's still cold. I found a sweet fleece! haha it was a missionaries that went home. So I have a fleece for when it's not cold enough to wear my big coat! :)

I'm feeling pretty good now. I can finally breath through my nose again! haha but yeah I only stayed in that one day. But after that I still felt like garbage. But I'm doing alot better now. The only problem is that Elder Server has some kind of really bad sickness that has kept us from going out alot lately. He's actually been talking to President about it lately, so we'll see what happens there. He's fine, but the stress makes it worse, so who knows. I'm actually driving temporarily because of it, because even the stress of driving makes things worse. So yeah. Not to much going on lately because of it, but I know the Lord understands because it isn't like Elder Server is doing it on purpose, and he can't control it. I pray for him all the time, because he does seem like he's in serious pain ALOT. So we'll see where that all goes.

Yeah he's the man I love him. It was so nice to be able to come to the area with a companion I already know. Skips the whole awkward stage of wondering if you are going to get along with this person. haha.

That's way cool you got to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's. I really miss them all alot. Tell them all I love them and I'll write them soon! You should've sent me one of those giant camp 18 cinnamon rolls! haha that would taste so good right now :P

wow so you sent me a camera? Where did you send it to? I'll call the assistants today to see if I can call my old area to see if they received it? I never got it so hopefully I can find it! Was dad trying to pull one of those "I'll secretely send him this and he won't even expect it!" kind of thigns again? haha oh well I'll get it eventually! THANK YOU SO MUCH. It really helps me out :)

That's pretty hilarious about Joseph! I wasn't sure if he was still in the mtc or not! Cause I hadn't heard from him in a while. So I will write him today!

Yeah it's pretty funny to see how similiar the experiences are of the mtc. It's really not THAT different! haha. It's weird to think I've been out 6 1/2 months now. Elder Server and I were just talking about that. Things move by so fast. AUGH.

Yeah each mission is different I guess. I hear from wylie periodically but I got transferred so I haven't got any mail in a while. So I'll hopefully hear from him soon. Apparently our new mission president (who will start serving in july) has already been called, but not revealed yet. So that's intense. I'll basically be spending one year with one mission president and one year with another.

That's crazy about david! I wrote him recently so I hope I hear from him soon! It's crazy. David is out over his year mark. He'll be home next febuary! WHATTTT. haha.

But I guess a little about the area now!

We cover most of New Kent county, all of Charles City county and a tiny piece of James City county. Charles city county is the birthplace of two presidents I believe! John tyler, and Zachary Taylor! And Martha Washington was born in charles city county! It's pretty awesome! But like I said this area has SO much potential. I'm kind of a lame duck right now, cause I don't know the area very well, and Elder Server is so sick all the time, we can't go out alot, and so I've had alot of time to reflect and look at what I need to do to be a better missionary. It's been nice. It's helped me realize that when things are out of our control that I shouldn't stress about it. Like here, I can't do anything to make elder server feel better. I wish I could, I really do because of the pain he is in, but I am human and can't so I just have to know that this must be what the Lord want's and not to worry about it. So that's helped. I've also been looking at tiny things that will help me refine myself. It's been a great experience. haha it's pretty funny Elder Server always tells me sorry for having to stay in and I'm like, uh why are you sorry? you have no control over it. He feels like he has to apologize! I'm like, no you don't! ahah.


Also, so something funny I've been thinking about lately. You are probably going to laugh when I come home and talk haha. I don't have an accent or anything, but I say some words differently now, just because of the culture around me haha. The missionaries in this mission have a saying, it goes like this: There are 3 languages spoken in the Virginia Richmond Mission: Southern, Ebonics, and Muttered grunts & cuss words. haha! it's so ridiculously true too...oh gosh. And apparently in this part of virginia there are people called "guinea men" who are a totally different culture all their own. I haven't run into those people yet though, so I have no idea haha.

Yeah so that's my story right now. If you have any questions let me knowwww. And if there is anyhting I can do for you mom and dad let me know :) Thank you for being there for me always and teaching me the right things in life. It's helped me alot lately. I love you all so much and miss you a ton! I'll talk to you next wednesday :O

Love you son,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Transfer number 3!

Holy cow! I almost didn't get to email you today! The library is closed on account of the snow. Bah! So we went to the university and used their library. So yeah. But Hey! I'm getting transferred again :(

New address:

9311 Pocahontas Trail
Providence Forge, VA 23140

Also, you should just tell everyone from now on to write me at this address:

9327 Midlothian Tpke STE 1-B
Richmond, VA 23235

The richmond address is my mission office, and that way, no matter what, I will get it. So just post the richmond one for people to send packages to, and the pocahontas one as where they can write LETTERS to.

Hopefully that makes sense!

But yeah the snow has been crazy. We have been stuck inside forever! And Yeah, I did get sick. I had to stay in one day cause of it and I still have it somewhat. But I'm recovering. And I got the package last wednesday! Thank you SO much for it! I love the hat! and I was so happy to see a scarf. I lost franks address! I want to write him and thank him, so please email that to me! The pictures were perfect thank you. I really liked all that, thank you SO much!

That's cool about your new calling! I bet it'll tire you out real quick with all those kids. haha. But guess whats awesome about transfers? I am going to be companions with one of my friends from the mtc! Elder Server! We are serving together in an area called New Kent county! So another country area. He is the district leader haha. Our whole district is just him and I and the rest are all sisters! haha.

Yeah like I said I got real sick. First it was just a little coughing and then it got worse. Mostly the coughing is gone now but my nose is fluctuating between running and stuffed up. So yeah, not fun, but we've still been out working with it.

Yeah the teaching is going alright. I guess now it's outta my hands since I'm getting transferred. But I'm going to really miss this area...I loved it alot! "Bob" is really sad I'm leaving and it's going to be really hard for him to say goodbye to me. But yeah, I hate snow now. Especially getting stuck inside :(

We drive outside, but the roads are pretty clear. The car accident wasn't our fault anyways so yeah. But we are being safe that's for sure.

I'm glad ryan is still doing good in basketball! it'll help him stay fit I guess! Tell him just to try the football camp all the way through and then if he doesn't like it he doesn't have to do it! Tell him it's worth it though even if it's hard! He sounds like me not being very aggressive haha.

I liked the blog comments haha let everyone know I say hi! And that they should write me so I know they want to hear from me! Cause I figure if someone actually wants to hear from me, they'll write me a letter :P

But yeah things have been going really good. I'm excited to serve with my friend Elder Server, but I'm sad I have to leave here. But it'll be fun I'm sure! I'm glad I got to go to west virginia when I did...ha!

But yeah, I had a rough day yesterday with Elder Hiltbrand leaving. Not specifically him leaving, but that coupled with how sick I was and other stuff it just wasn't a good day. But I'm doing better. yes.

I'm sorry the email is so short. But there isn't much else to tell ya! Let the cox's know I'll be getting the package they sent to me tommorow at transfers!

Well I'm sorry the email is short! but things are good and I'll send the card home soon so you can see it all! Love you! Be safe and I'll talk to you next wednesday hopefully!


Your son!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brrrrrrrr its a Freezing here in Virginni!

Hey Hey it's your favorite missionary again.




I still haven't gotten the package! It's 12:09 pm here and we haven't checked the mail yet so it may be there today. I Hope so! But get this! We have been snowed in twice this week haha. Somewhat at least. And this friday/saturday we are supposed to have a HUGE snow storm. like 40+ inches in two days AHHHH! we are gonna be stuck inside FOREVER :'(. But Virginia actually had a big ol' snow storm last week and the whole state got covered. But we are getting another one that's going to destroy us! haha.

Yeah West Virginia was way fun! I've hopefully attached some pictures for you to check out. When we went to west virginia we actually found a grave site of a famous hessian mercenary (dad will know what those are) from the revolutionary war that founded that area. It's really awesome. I love the history here! woodrow wilson was born just a few cities south of us! and thomas jeffersons house (monticello) is in charlottesville which is about an hour away! Crazy stuff.

That emergency preparedness thing sounds pretty cool. A little extreme but cool. Yeah you should definitely be prepared though. I know out here since we've been having these crazy snows that people just absolutely lose their minds when they forcast snow. It's not even like oregon. All they have to do is FORCAST snow and school is cancelled. RIDICULOUS. But then you go to the store a day before it's supposed to snow and people just horde all the bread milk and eggs they can get. It's cleared out. That's virginia for you I guess.

Yeah my companion is getting sick too. I might get it eventually. I hope not, we have been having a junk week this week. And this would just make it worse.

I'm glad dad thought the indian dancer story was funny. haha it was a weird thought that just popped up into my mind. I hadn't remember that in forever.

I'm doing alright. Still worried because all of our investigators have dropped off the face of the map. We are teaching NO ONE. It's frustrating. We had a baptism on sunday, and that was amazing, but it seems like after that everything just dissapeared.

Oh but I have a story for you. And I don't want you to freak out when I tell you what happened, because we are all fine and we're not hurt and the Lord protected us.

Me and Elder Lowry had to get a baptismal record signed on monday. In order to do this we had to drive about 30-45 minutes down to waynesboro where our district leader lives. Because our bike rack is such a pain in the butt to put on these '08 malibu's, we left ours on without the bikes on, but the rack still sticking out on the back.
So we drove down to waynesboro on the free way, all fine and dandy. We got to where our district leader was, got our things signed and walked out to go. Then Elder Lowry said, "I think we should put our bike rack down, (like folding it down, it's on one those foldable ones) because it might be messing up our gas mileage or something." So we folded it down. And we get going on our way. as we are driving home on the free way, we come up on a ramp, where this lady in a van is starting to merge onto the free way, but we think we were in her blind spot, and she starts forcing us over into the other lane. Elder Lowry had very little time to react, and as a result didn't notice the semi-truck that was coming up on the left lane behind us. So we were forced over into the left lane, and the truck is going faster than us. So we get rear ended and bumped forward by this semi and because of it, we get knocked forward. We got pushed far enough forward that we could get in front of the lady in the van, so we pulled over to check out the damage. Expecting the truck to stop, we didn't bother to get the liscense plate of the truck, and he just keeps on going. Doesn't even stop. So we pull over and look at the trunk and there's some minor damage, but the bike rack took the brunt of it. But here's the part I am grateful for: If it hadn't been for elder lowry's prompting to put down the bike rack, I don't really know what would've happened. For all we know, the prongs on the rack could've gotten stuck in the grill of the truck and caused some bad things to happen. Not only that, but if we had been hit in any other way we probably would've been caused to spin and get hit by another car. The Lord really does take care of his missionaries, mom.

I hope I haven't totally freaked you out by now. But I'm safe, and the car is going to be fixed eventually and we are all good haha. But just goes to show you how much a prompting of the spirit can mean.

But I love you all so much and I hope you are safe. And by this time next week I'll find out if I'm here for another transfer or not! So I'll let you know then! And we should have a ton of snow as well! ha.